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10 Top Tips for Working Parents. tired

10 top tips for working parents to make sleep training more manageable and successful ...

1) Keep a detailed diary for 48-72 hours tracking sleep, feeding/eating and activity to give a realistic overview of the issues and patterns of your child's sleep and behaviour - when you're exhausted, frequent night wakings are hard to keep track of.

2) Rule out any underlying digestive or health issues affecting your child's comfort levels

3) Tackle the quick wins first: optimise naps, adjust sleep environment, review sleep hygiene and the bedtime routine etc.

4) For a more intensive plan, try to clear 2-3 weeks in your diary so that you can keep consistency in your child's familiar home environment

5) Implement change at bedtime on a Friday night or when you have the longest period available with support or off work

6) Review the consistency of your child’s routine if they have different childcarers so that you can keep their body clock well regulated

7) Divide the night or share settling with a partner if you can

8) Think about whether any chores can be outsourced or friends/family can help

9) Changing habits and the way brain processes sleep and associations takes time, so be patient with progress when you’re working gently with your child

10) Get yourself ready for bed and eat dinner early ahead if your child's bedtime if you can so that you can devote the evening to helping them settle and resettle in a new way without getting frustrated

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