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"Sorting sleep patterns out is a life changing thing and definitely improves productivity as well"

Circadian in-house sleep surgeries provide consultations to develop personalised sleep programmes for employees. These can be tailored for adults experiencing insomnia, as well as mums and dads seeking support with children's sleep

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Katie was knowledgeable, well prepared, took the time to listen to me and understand the context, and provided good insight and very actionable next steps. The post-meeting recap is also very helpful.

Director of Digital Projects, GroupM

The most valuable aspect was being able to talk through some obvious things that we never thought to try, hearing the reasoning behind why it can have an impact on sleep and having the support of someone with the knowledge to give me the confidence to try new approaches.

Global Commercial Manager, Motion Content Group

What are the social effects at work when employees aren’t getting enough sleep?

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We know sleep deprivation can affect concentration - but studies have also found significant behavioural consequences of poor sleep in a working population, with employees commonly reporting that they feel irritable, want to be left alone or are less mindful of their impact on others.

Katie combines a holistic approach with 3 core components of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia

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  • Changing behaviours and negative sleep thoughts underlying sleep onset and sleep maintenance insomnia

  • Lifestyle habits that improve sleep

  • Relaxation strategies

What are the challenges facing working parents?

  • Ante/postnatal help is lacking in the public domain
  • Few GPs/health visitors are specifically trained to advise on family sleep
  • Many parents can't afford private help
  • Busy working parents don't have time to read self-help books
  • Many modern parents don't want to leave their child to cry-it-out, but don’t know alternatives

With her training in breastfeeding support and holistic approaches for adults and children, as well as background in primary school teaching, Katie provides effective sleep solutions that are tailored to parenting preferences and individual family circumstances, and mindful of children’s broader emotional, physical and developmental needs.

Sleep Surgery Coaching

Consists of:
  • One-to-one 30 min consultations, offered in-house or as a video/phone call
  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to assess and understand sleep challenges within the context of each individual's working and family life, and identify focus areas/personal goals
  • Sleep theory education, discussion of potential solutions/timeframes and emotional support
  • Bespoke follow-up plan with practical, actionable steps and holistic approaches to improve sleep and family wellness
  • Helpful resources and factsheets

  • Employees develop a face-to-face rapport with their sleep coach in a confidential setting
  • Accessible to employees from all areas of the business at different levels
  • Support is tailored to each individual and compliments other initiatives supporting parents returning to work
  • Opportunity to review progress and build an ongoing dialogue when sleep surgeries are offered on a regular cycle throughout the year

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