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"My husband and I are very grateful to Katie for her simple, effective advice. I'll definitely be hitting Katie up when Baby #2 comes along."

Circadian in-house sleep surgeries provide consultations to develop personalised sleep programmes for employees with follow-up support.

I don’t think I will ever be able to convey fully my gratitude. As you may recall, our daughter had not slept through the night for more than 11 consecutive nights. She is nearly 4. We were both at our wits end and out of sanity and solutions. Then you were recommended to us and with your advice, we suddenly had the tools to attempt to improve sleep for all the family. We take each night as it comes, as I’m still fearful of regression and going back to those very stressful nights with hours and hours of missing sleep. But, we’ve had nearly 2 months since we first saw you and 99% of those nights have been filled with glorious sleep. I recommend you immediately to anyone who me mentions the words “sleep deprivation” and cannot thank you enough.

Katy and Alex, parents to Isabella, aged 4

My wonderful 10 month old son was feeding multiple times every night and refused to sleep anywhere other than on me or squished in the bed between myself and my husband. With my maternity leave about to end, the thought of waking up four times a night and working an eight hour day was terrifying. From the start Katie listened to what we had to say, was warm, non-judgemental, and honest in her responses. Katie's approach to sleep training was a holistic one - we went from a baby who would not eat solids or nap at regular times, to a baby who now eats three good sized meals everyday, has two regular naps, and sleeps through the night. The transformation has been amazing! I can't thank Katie enough for her support and advice.

Pavan, mother to Anup, aged 10 months

What are the challenges facing working parents?

  • Ante/postnatal help is lacking in the public domain
  • Few GPs/health visitors are specifically trained to advise on family sleep
  • Many parents can't afford private help
  • Busy working parents don't have time to read self-help books
  • Many modern parents don't want to leave their child to cry-it-out, but don’t know alternatives

With her training in breastfeeding support and holistic approaches, as well as background in primary school teaching, Katie provides effective sleep solutions for employees that are tailored to their parenting preferences and individual family circumstances, and mindful of children’s broader emotional, physical and developmental needs.

One-to-one coaching. coachingrb hero

Sleep surgery drop-in

Consists of:
  • One-to-one 30 min slots, offered on a regular cycle in-house or as a webex
  • Assessment to identify sleep goals and focus areas
  • Sleep theory education, practical solutions and emotional support

  • Employees develop a face-to-face rapport with their sleep coach in a confidential setting
  • Support feels ‘on demand’ and tailored to individual circumstances
  • Opportunity to review progress and build an ongoing dialogue

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