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"120% would recommend this to any TIRED parent!"

Circadian workshops and webinars are bespoke to the group and give working parents the knowledge, tools and confidence to foster healthy sleep patterns at home, as well as build social support networks in the workplace.

Group workshops/webinars. Meeting Hero

Just to say thanks so much for organising the workshop. I thought Katie was brilliant and found this so helpful! Should have gone to something like this about a year ago. I've definitely got some new tips to try but most importantly feel like making some changes is actually manageable rather than a huge scary mountain of impossibility to climb - which is where I have been at! Running an organisation is easy compared to trying to get a child to sleep well :-)

Susannah, Leaders Plus Fellowship Programme

Katie was extremely well-informed, gave a very clear talk and then bespoke advice, and I felt every issue raised in the session was dealt with fully. Very impressed.

Mark, Red Bull

We all have different parenting styles, sleep challenges and personal circumstances.

Circadian workshops provide an informal and judgement-free space to share experiences, and offer parents a research basis for sleep strategies, education about infant and child development and a wealth of tips, techniques and holistic approaches, so that they feel fully informed and involved in creating effective solutions that feel appropriate and workable for their family.

Often beginning with just a few manageable changes can make a big difference to the quality and quantity of children’s sleep, subsequently improving the work-life balance for parents.

The workshops can be run in-house or as a webinar if employees are based in different locations or on parental leave. They are 90 minutes, consisting of a 20-30 minute presentation and a trouble-shooting Q&A session, which can be delivered over a lunch break. They can cater for expectant parents or mums and dads with children aged 0-5 years. The group size is up to 5, to ensure that there is adequate time for each attendee to ask questions and get individual sleep solutions to try at home.

Group workshops also compliment one-to-one coaching sessions, for those who need a more finely-tuned sleep program and ongoing support.

The content for each workshop will be tailored to the age range, but broadly covers:

  • understanding sleep cycles, overtiredness and regressions
  • optimising sleep environment and bedtime routine
  • identifying patterns of behaviour and contextual factors
  • resolving common sleep problems
  • age-appropriate settling techniques and routines
  • logistics of balancing working lives and childcare
  • how to night wean and master naps
  • the importance of exercise and nutrition
  • managing toddler behaviour, new siblings and anxiety
  • holistic strategies for sleep and wellbeing for both children and parents

Each attendee receives a handout summarising the session, helpful factsheets and can arrange a free follow-up email.

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