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“First class, so many useful tips! Could've used another hour!”

Circadian workshops and webinars are bespoke to the group and give employees the knowledge, tools and confidence to foster healthy sleep patterns at home, as well as build social support networks in the workplace.

Katie was extremely well-informed, gave a very clear talk and then bespoke advice, and I felt every issue raised in the session was dealt with fully. Very impressed.

Mark, Red Bull

Overall I think the session was extremely valuable as sorting sleep patterns out is a life changing thing and definitely improves productivity as well.

Client Solutions Director, Xaxis

There is a growing concensus amongst the brain research community that our modern-day disregard for sleep is increasingly dangerous for our physical and mental health, and that the public health crisis of poor in the UK deserves as much attention as the obesity epidemic.

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Many working adults who struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep regularly resort to sleeping pills and alcohol to try to manage their insomnia, but these are not long-term solutions, and can lead to addiction and adverse health effects.

However, research has shown that it is possible to resolve many sleep issues and reduce or eliminate dependence on sleep medications with holistic approaches and manageable steps of behavioural change. These include learning how to optimise our circadian rhythm, making better lifestyle choices, changing negative belief cycles and understanding personal triggers, such as stress and anxiety.

Circadian workshops for adults

Circadian workshops for adults are tailored to the group, interactive and give employees practical steps to implement straight away home. A typical session covers:

  • science of sleep (understanding sleep cycles, our circadian rhythm, what happens in different stages of sleep, latest research around effects of sleep deprivation on performance at work and general wellbeing)
  • common factors that get in the way of a good night’s sleep
  • importance of understanding our own individual sleep need and common perceptions/misconceptions around sleep
  • easily actionable tips and ways to support good quality sleep through lifestyle choices i.e. routine, stress management, pro-sleep foods, optimal sleep hygiene and sleep environment
  • breathing and relaxation strategies to help relax mind and body

  • stages of behaviour change for success and setting manageable short and long-term goals

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COVID-19 webinar - helping your employees improve their sleep whilst working from home in the current pandemic

This is an hour's webinar for employees, focussing on behavioural and holistic strategies to improve sleep when working from home.

  • Maintaining sleep scheduling when working from home
  • The importance of keeping our bed as a strong cue for sleep
  • How to avoid the afternoon slump
  • The effect of stress and anxiety on the body and how it affects sleep
  • Simple, positive lifestyle changes that will improve daily mental and physical health, and support more restful sleep
  • Short Q&A

Attendees are asked to complete a quick, anonymous survey about their current sleep and working patterns in the week prior, so that the webinar can be tailored to the group.

Group workshops for adult insomnia also compliment a regular sleep surgery drop-in, so that employees can build an on-going dialogue and review progress with their sleep coach.

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