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My company purpose is to help businesses educate and support their working parents in achieving healthy sleep for their children and themselves, leading to increased employee productivity and engagement. Available across North, Central and South London

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Circadian Sleep Coaching was founded by North London-based children's sleep consultant and working mother to two boys, Katie Fischer, who has worked in child services and education for 8 years.

Through partnership with businesses across London, Katie runs engaging and practical corporate group workshops, webinars and one-to-one holistic coaching in the workplace to offer education and effective, gentle solutions to expectant and stressed-out, tired parents.

Katie is a highly respected accredited consultant within North London’s family networks and has built up a wealth of experience working with hundreds of clients each year to successfully resolve their children’s sleep problems, boost family wellness in the early years of parenthood and set expectant and new parents on the path to restful nights.


When we get enough rest, it improves our health and wellbeing, but also our sense of happiness and motivation at work.

Becoming a parent can be one of the most wonderful yet overwhelming and demanding times in our lives, especially when disrupted nights become the norm or the return to work is looming after maternity or paternity leave. The challenges that dual career millennial parents face are also becoming increasingly complex, often needing to return to work sooner and without the support networks of wider family. Many exhausted parents desperately need to make changes to their routines at home to function at work but they also want gentle alternatives to letting their child cry-it-out.

New parents lose on average 44 days of sleep in the first year, which equates to just 5.1 hours per night - this is roughly 2-4 hours less than is recommended by the National Sleep Foundation.

Without issues addressed, this commonly translates to continually poor sleep for families throughout children's early years and a deepening strain on being able to perform well at work or achieve leadership potential.

We all know that getting enough slumber is vital to ensuring we're enabling our minds and bodies to rest and rejuvenate, but what is the daily impact on employers when parents are sleep-deprived?

Reduced alertness
Ill health and sick leave
Lowered memory performance
Poor decision-making and mood

What about the impact on businesses annually?

Each year, the UK loses 200,000 working days due to insufficient sleep. Research has shown that having 1.5 hours less a night than we need, means that we are approximately one third less alert the next day. If you have 3 people working for you, this is the equivalent of paying for one person to be asleep all day!

The connection between wellness, productivity and engagement has been well researched and established. Investment in mental health, exercise and coaching to tackle adult insomnia is now commonly part of corporate wellbeing programmes.

To compliment other parent-focussed and wellness initiatives, Katie offers businesses quality, family-centred children’s sleep education, which provides support and effective tailored solutions for parents - leading to tangible benefits for employers with improved wellness at work, increased productivity, better post-parental leave retention and a sense of loyalty to companies that value a happy work-life balance.

Circadian Sleep Coaching services offer effective, family-centred and research-based support and tailored solutions, whatever family’s goals are.

Circadian Sleep Coaching services give expectant parents and mums and dads with babies, toddlers or pre-schoolers with the knowledge and confidence to improve the quality and quantity of their child’s sleep, whilst protecting secure attachment and being mindful of busy working lives.

Circadian business sleep workshops are run by consultant, Katie Fischer, and available to companies based across North, Central and South London, either in-house or as a webinar.

The workshops provide a space for small groups of employees to:
  • learn about how infants sleep and how this changes as they grow
  • understand what falls within a normal range for their child/children and why parents commonly experience regressions
  • acquire a range of strategies and tools to resolve common problems and promote wellness for children and parents, as well as practical, tailored advice to meet their family’s specific circumstances

Circadian corporate one-to-one sleep coaching is also available to companies across North, Central and South London, and offers individual employees a personalised in-house consultation with Katie.

Coaching incorporates:
  • in-depth assessment of sleep issues, family history and working/childcare logistics
  • detailed written programme
  • face-to-face consultation
  • follow-up support

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