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Increase employee productivity, engagement and post-parental leave retention through educating and supporting your working parents in achieving healthy sleep for their children, and themselves

Katie has been a great consultant to our new parents at Red Bull and we have had nothing but positive feedback (with employee’s often asking for more!). In addition to this, Katie is a dream to work with, and we could not recommend Katie more in supporting new mum and dads through early parenthood and with their transition back to work.

Head of People, Red Bull

Circadian business services provide integrative solutions for adult's and children's sleep that can be delivered as part of companies' wellness programmes and family-friendly initiatives.

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With 1 million more working mothers now than 20 years ago and over 70% of families with both parents working, Katie's mission is to help businesses and managers understand the value of fostering 'sleep health' in their working culture, and support their working parents in achieving their potential in line with those that don't have children.

Katie works in partnership with businesses across North, Central and South London as an in-house family consultant, providing corporate ante/postnatal education and coaching in the workplace for expectant and stressed-out, tired employees.

Services for expectant parents and those with children aged 0-6 years include:

  • engaging and practical group workshops
  • webinars for employees on parental leave
  • regular sleep surgery drop-ins
  • 'lunch & learn' talks
  • one-to-one holistic coaching sessions

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New parents lose on average 44 nights of slumber in the first year, which equates to roughly 5 hours per night - this is 2-4 hours less than recommended NHS guidelines to stay healthy

Research has shown that just 1.5 hours less slumber than we need makes us roughly one third less alert the next day.

If you have 3 exhausted mums or dads working for you, this is equivalent to paying for 1 to be snoozing ALL DAY!

As expected, rest is at it's worst 3 months after birth, but a recent study has found that many parents actually face up to 6 years of sleep deprivation

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Katie Fischer is a highly respected accredited consultant within North London’s family networks and has built up a wealth of experience working with hundreds of clients each year to successfully resolve their children’s sleep problems, boost family wellness in the early years of parenthood and set expectant and new parents on the path to restful nights.

Circadian Coaching services - benefits for employees
  • Effective, family-centred support and research-based solutions that protect secure attachment, whatever family’s goals are
  • Accessing early, high quality education or getting timely help with resolving children's issues when they arise, improves parents’ own sleep health and mood, and consequently their ability to function and manage busy working lives

Circadian Coaching services - benefits for employers
  • Good sleep health enables employees to reach their potential for productivity and engagement at work, and reduces sick leave
  • Post-parental leave retention increases when mums and dads are supported in achieving a happy, sustainable work-life balance

Available across North, Central and South London

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